What Is Methamphetamine?

What Is Methamphetamine? Methamphetamine is a prescription drug that is normally meant for treating medical conditions such as narcolepsy, hyperactiv....

Methamphetamine Abuse Signs

Methamphetamine Abuse Signs Methamphetamine is a drug that has a white color and its appearance is similar to crystal chunks, ice, or broken glass. T....

Methamphetamine Abuse Side Effects

Methamphetamine Abuse Side Effects Abuse of methamphetamine initially began in the area of San Diego, California, and the habit was most popular amon....

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Methamphetamine Abuse

The abuse of methamphetamine first became common in the San Diego, California region but now it has spread nationwide. Early on, people who used to abuse the drug the most were white males who held blue collar jobs, but the situation has changed. Now, abusers come from all different backgrounds. Many people usually attribute this to the fact that methamphetamine is a drug which is readily available since it is usually manufactured by dealers operating clandestine laboratories.

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